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Organizations of the
future are digital and


We are building applications and networks that enable an intuitive usage of cryptocurrencies for the digital era.


Institutions that control, maintain and govern systems in a centralized way will be history soon. They will be replaced by decentralized, automated systems with no entry barriers. The access to those systems will be unrestricted and free for everyone.


Our Consulting Process

1. Understand

Together we will develop new business models and help you to optimize existing business processes with blockchain technology.

2. Explore

Our series of specalized lectures gives your organization the basic knowledge about blockchain technology to prepare itself for a new digital future.

3. Develop

Our team programs the solutions which we developed together to launch pilot projects that will replace established processes in the medium-term.


Fields of application


New decentralized gridless systems will substitute smart grids.



Transfer from data via flexible P2P mesh-networks and applications.

Mobility / Logistics

Autonomous cars enable a free, automated market for passenger and goods transport

Ressource tracking

The transparent value-chain facilitates to review the quality and sustainability of products.


Global and transnational market for rooms and temporary properties with reputation systems and loyalty programs


Automated, company comprehensive production, M2M-transactions, Industrie 4.0








Our team of experts does not only devotes itself to the theory of blockchain-technology but also maintains and develops bitcoin hardware and software.


PEY is gathering know-how and hands-on experience since 2013. We are one of the few players on the field that combines theory and practice and develops individual solutions together with partners. We believe this is the best approach for companies to incrementally implement the blockchain-technology and to catch up some years of experience.